Look at me, talk to me, ask me, tell me.

I’m tired of trying to get through to you.

I’m exhausted.

Make me change my mind.




Don’t be afraid of expressing your emotions.

They are beautifully wild things that mustn’t be contained in your ribs.

If you find them there, borrow the body, set them free.

 That’s what I do to people.

In the beginning

It was almost like we both grew up so in love with each other, 

Years and years of falling in love and then finally I allowed myself to kiss you.

And then you allowed yourself to kiss me back.

Sorta, Kinda.

There are days I wish for after lives, that somewhere in another time and life, we would be together.  Although, this one is turning out to be different and working out for me, it still hurts to see you stuck – you don’t deserve any of this. You are so much good and beautiful and to watch you be something else for everyone else is hurtful even from miles away.

Because maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I cannot imagine how the universe can let two people not be together, causing so much pain and hurt that never really ends.

Still kinda miss you.